Friday, June 5, 2009

NUTOX Oxyfusion Solar Block SPF 45 PA++

Yesterday when i found out that my L'OREAL derma genesis essence concentrate finish even not a drop left,i decided to go to Guardian.So,this afternoon,off i went to Guardian to but the essence concentrate.i had found it and took one to the counter.Instead,i got myself NUTOX Oxyfusion Solar Block SPF 45 PA++ that costs me RM29.52.(that's after discount 20%, actual price is RM36.90.) i got discount because i had a card which i got upon donating RM2 to Guardian 42nd Anniversary Charity Bonanza.This card is valid from 1 to 25 June 2009 and entitled a 20% off on some following brands.NUTOX products is 1 of the brands that participates.
i only had 1 item on my to-buy list but end up buying two!But,that's me...shopaholic...

NUTOX Oxyfusion Solar Block SPF 45 PA++ contains Nuroxygen,it acts like nanotechnology to enhance the absorption of the BNest Collagen through the oxygen supply deep into the skin.We all know that bird's nest has nourishing and replenishing effects on human body.And NUTOX Oxyfusion Solar Block SPF 45 PA++ is packed with BNest Collagen and whiten dull complexions,guarantees protection from UVA,UVB radiation & all environmental aggressions to minimise stubborn pigmentation,spots,freckles & photo-ageing.
This morning,i had tried it for the first time.The result?Oh,not so fast to get the desired result.i will tell you sooner when i have the result.But,i can say that it really is non-greasy and incredible light day block.After i applied it,felt like i didn't put on anything.In my opinion,i think it is a must-try product.
Next NUTOX product that i wish to try is NUTOX Advanced Serum Concentrate (30ml).From the brochure i received,it say that by continuously use of NUTOX Advanced Serum Concentrate,results are:

  • whitening properties for fairer skin
  • fights ageing to stay younger
  • skin glows radiantly & delicately
  • faster reduction from acne,scars & spots
  • tightening & lifting effect
  • softening & hydrating effect
  • exfoliating dead skin
  • revive skin's strength & elasticity
This safe & natural serum turns a dream of injection-free makeover alternatives into a reality.We call it " Youth in the bottle."